New Pattern Release- The Lacy Scarf!

Much of the world is still experiencing some very cold weather, but I know much of the world is also very ready for spring! Today I’m releasing my first Spring 2018 crochet pattern, the Lacy Scarf!

The Lacy Scarf is super versatile! It can be made in sport or DK weight yarn, and the width and length can be adjust. It has a light, lacy look to it but uses very simple stitch combos to create that elegant look!

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New Pattern Release- The Camden Cowl

I’ve got a brand new pattern release today, and it’s the matching cowl to the original Camden Hat! The Camden Hat was such a hit, I knew I wanted to make it a set!


Introducing the Camden Cowl!



Both the Camden Hat and the Camden Cowl use a technique called Fair Isle Crochet. You basically use two colors to create a picture with your yarn. But instead of working over you unused yarn, like tapestry crochet, you carry the unused yarn behind your work. Both patterns come with written instructions, photo tutorials, links to video tutorials, and a chart to follow. So even if you’ve never tried it before, you can master Fair Isle Crochet with these patterns!


The Camden Cowl is 50% off as an introductory price, until March 2nd, 2018. No code is needed. Discount has already been applied. And if you purchase the Camden Cowl crochet pattern, you can get the Camden Hat crochet pattern for 50% off also! Just add both patterns to your cart and the discount will be applied!

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The Michelle Hat- Free Crochet Pattern

I finally decided to name a hat after myself! 😉 The Michelle Hat is such a fun hat! Make this in a solid color or in a self-striping color and it looks beautiful either way! Lots of great texture and lots of ways to give this hat a different look! Pattern comes with sizes 0-6 months all the way to adult!


Purchase the ad free pdf pattern HERE.


  • 75-200 yards worsted weight yarn
  • I (5.5mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Tapestry needle
  • Pom Pom maker (optional)


  • Easy


  • 13 dc x 7 rows=4”
  • Brim: 8sc x 7 rows = 2”

Sizing & Yardage

  • 0-6 months: 13-15” (75 yards)
  • 6-12 months: 16-18” (100 yards)
  • Toddler: 18-20” (115 yards)
  • Child:19-21” (150 yards)
  • Teen/ Sm. Adult: 21-22” (175 yards)
  • Adult: 22-23” (200 yards)

Pattern Notes

Starting chain does not count as first st, unless stated otherwise within the pattern.

Pattern is written in size 0-6 months with additional sizes in parentheses. Final stitch count for all sizes is in parentheses at the end of each row/round.

Stitches Needed & Abbreviations

ch(s)- chain(s)

st(s)- stitch(es)

sc- single crochet

dc- double crochet

ldc- long double crochet (work dc 2 rounds below)

blo- back loop only

dc2tog- double crochet 2 together

**- repeat from


Ch 9

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and across. (8)

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, in blo, 1 sc in each st across. (8)

Rows 3- 48(56, 64, 68, 76, 80): Repeat row 2.

Slip stitch the ends together to create a circle. Now turn the band to the other side, which will be your right side. Do not fasten off. Continue to Body of Hat.

Body of Hat

Round 1: Ch 1, work 48 (56, 64, 68, 76, 80) sc evenly around the side of the brim, join to 1st st. (48, 56, 64, 68, 76, 80)

Round 2: Ch 2, 1 dc in each of the 1st two sts, ch 2, skip 2 sts, *1 dc in next 2 sts, ch 2, skip 2 sts*, repeat from * around, join to 1st st. (24, 28, 32, 34, 38, 40 dc, chs each)

Round 3: Ch 4 (counts as starting ch 2 and 2 chs), skip first 2 dc, 1 ldc in each of the next 2 skipped sts, *ch 2, skip 2 sts, 1 ldc in each of the next 2 skipped sts*, repeat from * around, join to 2nd ch of starting ch 4. (24, 28, 32, 34, 38, 40 dc, chs each)

Round 4: Ch 2, *1 ldc in each of the next 2 skipped sts, ch 2, skip 2*, repeat from * around, join to 1st st. (24, 28, 32, 34, 38, 40 dc, chs each)

Rounds 5 – 7(11, 13, 15, 15, 17): Repeat rounds 3 and 4.

Round 8(12, 14, 16, 16, 18): Ch 2, 1 ldc in next 2 sts, dc2tog *1 ldc in next 2 sts, dc2tog*, repeat from * around, join to 1st st. (36, 42, 48, 51, 57, 60)

Round 9 (13, 15, 17, 17, 19): Ch 2, 1 dc in 1st st, dc2tog, *1 dc in next st, dc2tog*, repeat from * around, join to 1st st. (24, 28, 32, 34, 38, 40)

Round 10 (14, 16, 18, 18, 20): Ch 2, *dc2tog*, repeat from * around, join to 1st st. (12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20)

Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew top shut. With tapestry needle, weave tail in and out of the stitches and pull tight to close. Weave in ends.

Add pom pom to top of hat if desired.




Little Dude Bow Tie- Free Crochet Pattern

The Little Dude Bow Tie is the 2nd pattern in my Dude Collection! This bow tie is great for photo shoots, playing dress up, and for costumes! **Please supervise your child at all times when he/she is wearing the Little Dude Bow Tie.**



  • < 50 yards worsted weight yarn
  • H (5.0mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Tapestry needle
  • Small button


  • Easy


  • 16 sts (alternating hdc and blo hdc) x 11 rows = 4”


  • 10-14” neck
  • To make bigger or smaller, chain by multiples of 4 + 1.
  • You can also go down a hook size to make just slightly smaller.

Pattern Notes

DO NOT leave child unsupervised when wearing this bow tie.

Starting chain does not count as first stitch, unless stated otherwise within the pattern.

Stitches Needed & Abbreviations

ch- chain

st- stitch

sc- single crochet

hdc- half double crochet

blo- back loop only

**- repeat from


Ch 21

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and across. (20)

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, 1 hdc in blo of 1st st, 1 hdc in both loops of next st, *1 hdc in blo of next st, 1 hdc in both loops of next st*, repeat from * across. (20)

Rows 3-6: Repeat row 2.

Ch 1, turn, sc evenly around the entire rectangle, working 2 sc into each corner, join to 1st st, fasten off. Weave in ends.


Ch 41

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and next 37 sts, ch 1, skip next st, hdc in last. (40)

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, 1 hdc in each st and ch across. (40)

Fasten off. Weave in ends.


Attach button to side of tie opposite of button hole.







Use a long piece of yarn and your tapestry needle and weave yarn down the middle of the bow.








Now place the tie on the back side of the bow and wrap your yarn around the bow and the tie. Tie a know to secure. Fasten off. Weave in all ends.


Winter Wear FREE Pattern Roundup!

It is still extremely cold in many parts of the world right now so winter wear is a must! Enjoy these 8 FREE crochet patterns that will keep you warm and cozy!


1.The Abby Cowl is a new cowl pattern from KMT Creations! You can grab the free pattern from her blog or purchase the PDF from Ravelry!









2. The Winter Rose Earwarmer is a super cute design by Butterfly Dreams Crochet and Crafts!










3. The Corrugated Cap Crochet Pattern is free for only a limited time by Grammy Dirlam!










4. The X Band by Little Red’s Handmade Creations is a quick workup that will keep your ears nice and warm!









5. The Unicorn Hat by Snuggly Fox Designs is one the girls will love!









6. The Pokeball Beanie by Made by Mary is a great one for the boys!









7. The gorgeous Faux Cabled Mittens by Sweet Potato Crochet Creations will keep your hands warm!









8. The Delightful Scarf by Two Brothers Blankets is soft and cozy!










Enjoy these free designs and be sure to share your projects on Ravelry!

Delightful Scarf- Free Crochet Pattern

The Delightful Scarf is a quick and easy workup that is great for gifts, craft fairs, or just for yourself! This is an easy pattern that most anyone with basic crochet skills should be able to work!

delightful scarf

The Delight Scarf uses the Lion Brand Yarn Scarfie line which is a #5 bulky weight and has 312 yards. You only need one skein to make this scarf, but the Scarfie line comes in so many fun color combinations that you will have trouble deciding on only one!

The Delightful Scarf is just that! Delightful! I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.


  • 312-350 yards #5 bulky weight yarn. (Lion Brand Scarfie was used in sample.)
  • K (6.5mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Tapestry needle


  • Beginner


  • Gauge is not necessary, but width of scarf should be approximately 11” across.


  • 56” x 11”

Pattern Notes

Starting chain counts as first stitch unless stated otherwise throughout the pattern.

Scarf is not written as an infinity scarf. To make it an infinity scarf just use a yarn needle and a long piece of yarn to sew your two ends together.

Stitches Needed & Abbreviations

ch(s)- chain(s)

st- stitch

dc- double crochet

shell- 3 dc, ch 3, dc



Ch 39

Row 1: (3dc, ch 3, dc) in 6th ch from hook, *skip 4 chs, (3dc, ch 3, dc) in next ch*, repeat to last 3 chs, skip 2 chs, dc in last ch. (7 shells)

Row 2: Ch 3, turn, (3dc, ch 3, dc) in each ch-3 space across, dc in top of ch 3. (7 shells)

Repeat row 2 until scarf reaches 56” or desired length.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Pattern is a copyright of Two Brothers Blankets. Please do not alter, copy, share, or sell in any way. You may, however, sell your finished products from this pattern.


Boston Washcloth- Free Crochet Pattern

The Boston stitch combo provides such amazing texture I can’t stop designing patterns with it! I LOVE a good textured washcloth so I used the same stitch combo to create  the Boston Washcloth! This washcloth has such great texture that is perfect for washing dishes!

Boston Washcloth Free Crochet Pattern

The Boston Washcloth is a free crochet pattern for everyone to enjoy! Please do not copy, alter, or sell this pattern or the photos in this pattern. However, please feel free to share the link to the pattern on social media, Pinterest, and with your crocheting friends so they can visit and make the washcloth themselves! You are also welcome to sell your finished products created from this pattern, just please use your own photos and provide the link for pattern credit.


  • 85 yards worsted weight (#4) cotton yarn
  • H (5.0mm) crochet hook or hook to obtain gauge
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Tapestry needle


  • Easy


  • Row 2= 9″ across


  • 9″x 9″

Pattern Notes: 

  • Turning chain 1 does not count as first stitch.
  • Starting fsc can also be: ch 38, sc in 2nd ch from hook and across.

Stitches Needed & Abbreviations:

  • fsc- chainless foundation single crochet- Tutorial:
  • ch- chain
  • sc- single crochet
  • hdc- half double crochet
  • st(s)- stitch(es)
  • *- repeat from


Row 1: Fsc 37.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st st, skip 2 sts, *(sc, hdc, sc) in next st, skip 2 sts*, repeat from * to last st, sc in last st. (35) (Should measure 9” across here.)

Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in 1st st, *(sc, hdc, sc) in next st, skip 2 sts*, repeat from * to last st, sc in last st. (35)

Repeat row 3 until 9” high.


SC evenly around entire square working 2 sc in each corner.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.


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Herringbone Half Double Crochet Stitch and Herringbone Half Double Crochet Decrease- Video Tutorials!

I have a few patterns that use the herringbone half double crochet stitch as the main stitch. So I thought it was high time I make a video tutorial for it! My brand new Charlotte Cardigan crochet pattern is one of those designs that uses this stitch, as well as a hhdc2tog (herringbone half double crochet 2 together) decrease. So I’ve made a video for both!

I am left-handed, so this tutorial will be slightly easier to follow for left-handed crocheters, but the steps are exactly the same for right-handed crocheters, just worked in the opposite direction!


I hope you find these tutorials helpful! If at anytime you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn Review + New Pattern Release and Sale!

*I am not affiliated with Red Heart Yarn or Micheals Stores in any way. This is my honest review.*

Red Heart has recently come out with a new yarn and when it went on sale at Micheal’s I knew I had to check it out! I knew I loved Red Heart Soft, a worsted weight yarn, so I had a feeling I would love the new Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn too!

Soft Essentials Details:

Weight: #5 Bulky

Material: 100% Acrylic

Weight: 5oz

Yardage: 131 yds

Suggested Crochet Hook: 6.5mm (K)

This yarn holds to it’s name. It is very soft! It’s also not a very thick bulky. I’d compare it to holding two strands of worsted weight yarn together. It’s not very heavy at all. When I purchased it I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. So I brought it home and got to work. This yarn is very easy to work with. It glides through the stitches very smoothly with no snagging and very little pilling. I really enjoyed working with it.

The end result turned out beautifully! Introducing the Charlotte Cardigan!

I knew when I saw and felt the Soft Essentials yarn that I wanted to design a cardigan! It just had that cozy feel to it that would be perfect for a simple cardigan. This crochet pattern comes with instructions for women’s sizes XS through 2X. It is a top down pattern with trim and sleeves added at the end. It is sew free, except for a small amount of stitching at the pockets, which are optional. This cozy cardigan is perfect for the cool spring mornings and evenings that are coming. And this yarn is the perfect yarn for it!

I’ve just released the Charlotte Cardigan in my Ravelry shop and you can get it for 50% off using coupon code “SoftEssentials” at checkout! The code is good through Friday, March 17, 2017.

Have you tried Red Heart’s Soft Essentials yarn yet? If so, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it!

National Crochet Month 2017!

I am so excited to once again be featured in Crochetville’s National Crochet Month designer feature! Every day this month they are featuring crochet designers, yarn/crochet product companies, and local yarn stores around the US!

To celebrate my feature on the site and National Crochet Month, I’m offering a special deal! When you purchase one pattern in my Ravelry Shop, you’ll get one free! No exclusions, no limits! Just use coupon code “NatCroMo17” at checkout! This code is good through March 10, 2017!

Thanks for helping me celebrate National Crochet Month!