My Five Crochet Must-Haves!

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We all know yarn and crochet hooks are a huge must-have when crocheting, but there are other products that I couldn’t live without when creating new designs and projects! Today I’m going to share five of my crochet must-haves! These are items I swear by and use almost every day when I’m working on a crochet project or planning a new one!

  • My Swift. I went many years without purchasing a swift, but about six months ago I had enough with tangled yarn, so I purchased this swift. It’s so easy to put together and take apart and all the parts fit in a small drawer in my filing cabinet. It’s simple to use and makes winding yarn SO much easier and faster! I don’t know why I waited so long to buy it! If you purchase a lot of hand dyed yarn or yarn that is hanked often, this swift is a game changer!
  1. My Knit Picks yarn winder. This works with the swift to wind my yarn into beautiful, center pull cakes. It’s fast, attaches to my desk, and is easy to use. I’ve had it for a few years now with absolutely no issues. It’s great for winding half skeins of yarn, or brand new hands of yarn. It creates beautiful cakes, and can hold quite a bit of yarn. It’s another product that just makes everything quicker and easier.
  • My Wescott Scissors. I have about 5 pair of these lying around my house. They are just the best scissors I’ve ever used. They are really affordable and last just about forever, if you take care of them.
  • My Soft Measuring Tapes. I have about 5 of these lying around my house too, but mostly because they always seem to go missing. I really only every know where 1 or 2 actually are located. But they are a must have. I use them every time I’m crocheting or designing. I use them to measure myself, measure my gauge swatch, and measure my project as I work. They work great and are definitely a must-have!

My cubed shelves! Before I purchased two of these shelves, I stored my yarn in a shoe rack! It was not cute! But I’ve purchased two of these 9 cube shelves and they sit in my office and work perfectly to store my yarn stash in! I can pile the yarn all the way to the top and all the way to the back, so it holds a lot of yarn! Plus, shelves filled with yarn are super cute and look great in my office!

These are my five crochet must-haves, other than my yarn and hooks, of course! What other crochet tools and products do you love and use all the time?

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