Five Essential Crochet Tools in My Office

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Crochet Tools, including scissors, yarn needles, and a pouch.

We all know yarn and crochet hooks are a huge must-have when crocheting, but there are other products that I couldn’t live without when creating new designs and projects!

Today I’m going to share five of my must have crochet tools! These are items I swear by and use almost every day when I’m working on a crochet project or planning a new one!

Crochet Tools I Use Daily

Furls Crochet Hooks

Close up of Furls Streamline crochet hook, lying next to a hank of red yarn.

My Furls Streamline crochet hook are one of my essential crochet tools! I love how they feel and glide through the stitches. Most importantly, they keep my hands and wrist from hurting too much when I crochet.

I’ve tried a number of other hooks, and while many are great, the Streamline hooks seem to work best for me. I have the least amount of pain with these.

They range in price from $16 to $22, depending on the style and color you want.


A close up of scissors, used for cutting yarn when crocheting.

The Sharp Scissors from WeCrochet are my favorite scissors! They are really sharp! They cut through yarn instantly! I have a few of these scissors so I can always have them nearby when I’m crocheting.

At less than $4 a pair, it is well worth having a few!

Yarn Storage

My cubed shelves! Before I purchased two of these shelves, I stored my yarn in a shoe rack! It was not cute! But I’ve purchased two of these 9 cube shelves and they sit in my office and work perfectly to store my yarn stash in!

I can pile the yarn all the way to the top and all the way to the back, so it holds a lot of yarn! Plus, shelves filled with yarn are super cute and look great in my office!

9 cube brown shelf

These cubed shelves range in size and price, usually around $50 -$80 bucks. You can also find these are stores like Walmart, Target, and Ikea.

Crochet Tools I Use Often


My yarn swift is a life saver when it comes to winding yarn that is in a hank. I went many years without a swift before investing in one, and I honestly wish I would have bought one sooner. It is one crochet tool that saves a lot of time and frustration!

This particular swift is just under $40. You may find other styles that are a bit more or less in price as well. I like this one because it easily comes apart so I can store it, instead of having it out all the time.

Yarn Winder

Manual yarn winder attached to a table.

I love my yarn winder so much! Paired with the swift, you can wind a hank of yarn into a cake in less than 5 minutes! This is a manual yarn winder from WeCrochet. It attaches to a desk or table and you wind it by hand. It’s really simple to use.

This yarn winder is $20!! Such a great price!

A Few More Crochet Tools I Love

As much as I hate to weave in ends, I do love my yarn needles from WeCrochet.

I also use blocking mats regularly. For more information on how I use them, check out my post on Blocking Crochet Sweaters and Tops.

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Five Essential Crochet Tools in my Office
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