31 Crochet Washcloth Patterns – Blog Hop & Bundle

Please note: This blog hop has ended! Feel free to take a look at the patterns that were included, visit the designers’ websites, or purchase the pattern bundle!

Washcloths are my favorite quick and easy crochet project for when I want to learn a new stitch, make a quick gift, or have some new ones for my home! Made with the right material (100% cotton), crochet washcloths are both durable and highly useful in both the kitchen and bathroom.

This blog hop features 31 different crochet washcloth patterns for you to try! These washcloth patterns range in size, shape, stitch, and more! You’ll love these quick and satisfying crochet projects!

Winter Washcloth Series Blog Hop & Bundle

How Does it Work?

If you’ve never participated in a blog hop before, no worries! It’s quite simple! You can think of it as a virtual scavenger hunt, where you will find new designers to follow and get free patterns while you’re at it! You’ll “hop” to each designers blog to get the free pattern details. By doing this you help the designers grow their business, all while receiving a free crochet pattern for it!

Here’s how it works:

  1. I will post each day, in this roundup post, the new featured pattern for the day. That pattern will be free for 24 hours. From 8am EST to 8am EST the next day.
  2. You will come to this roundup post and scroll down to the days featured pattern. There, you will get instructions on how to get the free pattern download. Sometimes it will be a coupon code for Ravelry, and other times it will be an easy direct download.
  3. Then, you will click the link that will take you to the designer’s website, where you will either get the link to Ravelry or download the pattern right from their site.
  4. From there you will download the pattern to your device or library for free!
How it Works

What if you miss a day?

I know how busy life is and remembering to come back every day to download the new pattern can be hard. So the best way to avoid missing the freebie for that day is to go ahead and grab the PATTERN BUNDLE with all 31 patterns included!

Winter Washcloth Crochet Pattern Bundle

I will also be posting each day in my Facebook group, so be sure to join!

Daily Patterns

** Link and code/direct download info will be ABOVE photo for each day.

After you click the link, keep scrolling until you see the Winter Washcloths “Download the pattern here” button.

Day 1: Evander Washcloth by Two Brothers Blankets

Day 1 -Evander Washcloth - Two Brothers Blankets

Day 2: Simple Moss Stitch Washcloth by Juniper and Oakes

Day 3: Beginner Half Double Crochet Washcloth by Blackstone Designs

Day 4: Allure Washcloth by Ambassador Crochet

Link: https://ambassadorcrochet.com/allure-washcloth/

No Code Needed. Direct Download

Day 5: Cascade Washcloth by Simply Hooked by Janet

Haylen Washcloth by Through The Loop Yarn Craft

Day 7: Sedge Stitch Washcloth by Carroway Crochet

Day 8: Even Moss Stitch Washcloth by My Crochet Space

Day 9: Iris Stitch Washcloth by Crafting Each Day

Day 10: Ursula Washcloth by Crochets by Trista

Day 11: Ebbing Tides Washcloth by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Day 12: Teatime Dishcloth by Raffamusa Designs

Day 13: Corded Dishcloth by Creations by Courtney

Link: https://creationsbycourtney.com/corded-crochet-dishcloth/

No code needed. Direct Download.

Day 14: Shells Dishcloth by Krissy’s Over the Mountain Crochet

Day 15: Terrebonne Washcloth by Bliss This

Day 16: Brickwork Dishcloth by The Unraveled Mitten

Day 17: Elegant Washcloth by The Purple Poncho

Day 18: Simple Seed Stitch Dishcloth by Salty Pearl Crochet

Day 19: Ranunculus Washcloth by Hooked for Life

Purls and Puffs Dishcloth by Capital Crochet

Day 21: Brookie’s Scrubby Set by Snappy Tots

Link: https://snappy-tots.com/brookies-scrubby-set/

Direct Download or use code OHSNAP on Ravelry

Day 22: Snowflakes & Sunshine Dishcloth by Bizzy Crochet

Day 23: Friendship Washcloth by Two Brothers Blankets

Day 24: Winter Ice Dishcloth by Lakeview Cottage Kids

Day 25: Blossom Washcloth by Ambassador Crochet

Link: https://ambassadorcrochet.com/blossom-washcloth/

Code: No code needed. Direct Download.

Day 26: Sandy Shores Washcloth by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Day 27: Wedgewood Washcloth by MadameStitch

Day 28: Tiny Texture Washcloth by Wanderland Crafts

Link: https://wanderlandcrafts.com/tiny-textures-washcloth/

Code: No Code Needed. Direct Download

Day 29: So Soft Textured Washcloth by Pam’s Cozy Corner

Day 30: Mimosa Washcloth by Crochet with Frankie Kate

Day 31: Boston Washcloth by Two Brothers Blankets


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  1. I can’t get the directions for day 6 washcloth . It only shows the picture . So much hassle for directions . I do appreciate them but why are they so hard to get ? It’s like pulling teeth !

    1. Hi! I’m sorry you’re having trouble! Do you have the pattern downloaded and can’t get it to pull up? Or are you trying to get the pattern and the website won’t pull up? A lot of times it is a tech issue. We work to make it as easy as we possibly can, but some things are out of our control. Feel free to email me if you’re still having trouble. [email protected]

      1. I couldn’t get it to pull up on your site . It wouldn’t go to the directions .I have all but this one so far .
        Thank you . I appreciate the patterns .

        1. I’m so sorry. I think the site must get bogged down when there are a lot of people on it at the same time and take a while to load. If you have any more trouble, please email me at [email protected].

    2. Hi Elaine,
      If you’re still trying to find the code etc. I found it above the main photo just above a VRBO ad……hope this helps you find it & you’re not alone in finding it difficult to find.
      Cheers, Lyn

  2. When I click on the link for day 7 I get a notice that says the site has a threat:


    Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks pages that come from websites with relatively light traffic and have been reported to have malicious activity. If you trust this website, please click CONTINUE TO SITE. Otherwise, choose GO BACK.
    We strongly recommend you do not continue.

  3. Hi, Today is Day 10 and I can’t get the free pattern, this seem to be happening a lot on your website.

    Thanks, Lisa V.

    1. When you say you can’t get the pattern do you mean the link won’t load or the code isn’t working? Can you specify so I can try to address the problem?

  4. Please note: each and every link and code is personally checked by me every single day to ensure that it is working and running properly. If the website won’t load I recommend closing out your browser and trying again after a few minutes. If the code is not working, make sure you are signed in on Ravelry, and copy and paste the code directly from this post. If it still doesn’t work, contact me or the designer directly to let us know there is a problem.

    With that said, most of the codes and downloads are available longer than 24 hours, so it’s always good to check back if you miss one or had a problem the day before. The bundle is also available for purchase throughout the entire event to avoid the blog hop and get all 31 patterns right away. Thanks!

  5. I wanted to say thank you for this. I am saving them all into a little 5×7 notebook for safe keeping and have even used some of the stitches for a blanket cocoon for my aunt where every 5 rows I do a different stitch. 🙂 thank you again

  6. I’ve been trying to get Day 23 all day long using coupon code FRIENDSHIP23 and it’s not working. Can you help me running out of time. Please Help

    1. Hi! I just checked it and it’s still working. It will be active until 11:59pm EST tonight (1/24). Are you clicking the Download the Pattern Here button and then going to the Ravelry listing? You can also go to my About Me page and download it directly.

  7. Thank you for hosting Michelle! I have been clicking and downloading most of the patterns with no issues. I only have 7 made, so very behind
    But I have been enjoying them!

  8. This has been a great blog hop. Thank you to all the designers. I’ve now got my crochet ready for our road trip next week.

  9. Thank you so much for hosting this blog hop! A big thanks to all the pattern contributors too! I have enjoyed all the patterns and look forward to using them.

  10. Thank you for doing this! I love the patterns and it was nice to do something different than the usual blanket. Thanks to all of those involved.

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