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Crochet Cowl Pattern – Georgia Cowl

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Woman wearing a blue crochet cowl, called the Georgia Cowl.

The Georgia Cowl is a very simple, yet stunning crochet cowl pattern! It uses the most basic crochet stitches and is a fairly quick project to make as well! This scarf can be made as is, or add fringe or tassels to it to give it a completely new look!

Pattern Inspiration

At the time I designed this cowl, circular or tube like cowls with fringe were trending big time! I really wanted to make a crocheted version of this popular style!

The Georgia Cowl is named after a good friend of mine, and also the state that I grew up in. The state of Georgia is so beautiful in the fall and I love to wear this crochet cowl when I’m there during the cooler seasons!

A photo of a Georgia crochet cowl being made with the yarn, crochet hook, and scissors lying in a tray right next to it.

Pattern Details

The Georgia scarf crochet pattern uses worsted weight (#4) yarn and an I (5.5mm) crochet hook.

I used a gorgeous blue hand dyed yarn for the photo above, but any worsted weight yarns will do for this cowl. This yarn came from my monthly Knit Crate Box!

A Knit Crate Box is a monthly subscription that comes with different yarn each month, 1 crochet pattern, and 1 knit pattern each month! It’s so fun to receive and I have loved every box!

I recommend trying out Lion Brand Jeans yarn or WeCrochet Shine Worsted. Both are beautiful and soft yarns!

This pattern is rated Easy in pattern difficulty. The stitch combo is repetitive throughout so there is no need for much concentration or counting. I think you’ll find this project quite relaxing!

The pattern is worked in the round and joined at the end of each round. You work in rounds to the length the pattern calls for.

Once you’ve weaved in ends, to wear the scarf, you’ll put it around your neck and fold it over once.

The fringe can be added at the top and/or bottom of the scarf. The crochet pattern has instructions on where to add the fringe.

This crochet cowl pattern is very easy to adjust to suite your preferences. It is worked in a simple multiple, so you can adjust your width and length can be adjust by the number of rounds you do.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase this crochet pattern on Ravelry and Etsy!

Want to try before you buy? Check out my growing list of Free Crochet Patterns!

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Crochet Cowl Pattern- Georgia Cowl

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