Vintage Rose Petal Crochet Scarf Free Pattern

Today I am so happy to have Marlee of BakeSipCrochet on the blog sharing her beautiful Vintage Rose crochet scarf pattern!

Close up of a pink crochet scarf, called the Vintage Rose Scarf.

About the Designer

Bake Sip Crochet began in the fall of  2020 as a way to organize all of the ideas floating around inside of Marlee B.  As a busy wife, mom, daughter, niece, and best friend, she found that finding time to be creative with her crochet was limited and wanted to make enjoyable designs within her schedule. 

Her specialty is designing crochet pieces that are modern, great for beginners, easy to understand, and fun to make.  She designs everything from scarves and wraps to kitchen and bath items that have a new stitch to try out that she hopes everyone will love to learn.

When Marlee is not designing crochet pieces after a rambunctious six-year-old is in bed, she can be found baking, reading, or planning her family’s next vacation or camping trip.

She hopes that her patterns and recipes motivate others to try out new things and to take a little time to enrich themselves so that they can bring positivity to others. 

You can find Marlee’s patterns on LoveCrafts and Etsy! And be sure to follow her on Instagram and Pinterest!

Woman wearing the Vintage Rose crochet scarf.

Pattern Details

Are you ready for this easy, light, and lacy crochet summer scarf? The Vintage Rose Petals Scarf is perfect for bringing the everyday jeans and tee-shirt wardrobe we all have to another level without being complicated. It is also just the thing for a cool summer evening, or to be a buffer for when the air conditioning is on full blast.

What Is The Best Crochet Stitch For A Lacy Scarf?

Lacy scarves, shawls, or wraps are made of stitches that are open and come in a variety of styles. Some can be very intricate while others are made up of basic stitches combined with skipping stitches. I have found that using a simple stitch lets the yarn you choose really shine and makes it easy for any level of crocheter to make.

The Vintage Rose Petals Scarf is very adaptable, customizable, and works up quickly. You can change the length or width to suit your style! I chose to not make it very long so that it would not feel heavy on the neck.

What Material To Use

This scarf pattern is for the hot summer months so you will want to use a natural fiber such as lightweight cotton, Pima cotton, bamboo, silk, or linen. I have made this scarf with yarn that is a blend of alpaca, cotton, and polyamide. This pattern uses the mesh stitch which is a one-row repeat with two strands held together. The mesh stitch is so versatile that you see it in market bags, tops, wraps, blankets, and cardigans. Plus, I love a one-row repeat. It gives me a chance to enjoy the motion of the crocheting while relaxing. In other words, there is not a lot of counting involved. The perfect project, right?

“A Rose By Any Other Name”

Pink roses symbolize deep gratitude, grace, and joy. This scarf reminds me of a dear friend of mine. She loves the bygone era of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Her home, hairstyle, and decor could be straight out of a period movie. But more importantly, she displays those qualities of gratitude, grace, and joy every day and I hope to be just like her.

Blocking Is Important

Yes, wet blocking is necessary for this project to look its’ best. This opens up the mesh stitch and creates airiness. How do you wet block? Take a look below.

Soak your Vintage Rose Petals Scarf in cold water and a little gentle soap for at least 20 mins.

Squeeze out the excess water without ringing the fabric.  Especially if you decide to use any yarn with wool in the content.

Lay the scarf out on a towel.  Roll the wrap and towel together to get even more water out of the fabric.

Get your blocking mats and t-pins and pin your finished piece.  Let dry completely. 

Woman wearing the Vintage Rose Crochet Scarf over her shoulders like a shawl.

Vintage Rose Petals Scarf Crochet Pattern

Difficulty: Easy

Written in US Terms


2 Skeins of Expression Fiber Arts Seacoast Fingering Yarn 400 m/439 yds in the colorways Sail Away and Coralluim

5.5mm I Crochet Hook         Blocking Mats and T Pins

Yarn Needle                          Scissors

Tape Measure

Finished size: Approx. 11 in. X 59 ¾ in.

Gauge: 5 Sts. x 13 rows = 4 in.


SC: Single Crochet  

SL ST: Slip Stitch     

SK: Skip 1 Stitch

CH-SP: Chain Space

CH: Chain

ST(s): Stitch(es)


This scarf is worked lengthwise holding two strands of fingering weight yarn together.  It will need to be blocked so that it will lay flat and drape well.  The turning chain does count as a stitch. 

Mesh Crochet Stitch:  Chain an odd number of stitches.  SC back down the row.  CH 3.  SK the 1st ST (turning chain) and SL ST into the next ST and CH 3.  SK the next ST.  SL ST into the next ST and CH 3.  Repeat this across the row.  CH 3 and turn at the end of your row.  Next, SL ST into the CH 3 from the previous row.  CH 3 and SL ST into the next CH 3.  Repeat this sequence until your piece is finished! 


CH 151.

Row 1: Place one SC into the second chain from the hook and in each chain back across the foundation chain.  CH 3 and turn.

Row 2: Skip the first ST.  SL ST  in the next ST, CH 3, SK one ST, SL ST into the next ST.     CH 3.   Repeat across the row.  The last ST should be a  SL ST.  CH 3 and turn.

Row 3: Skip the first ST.  SL ST into the CH 3 from the previous row.  CH 3, SL ST into the next CH 3.  Repeat the pattern across the row.  The last ST will be a SL ST into the previous CH 3.  CH 3 and turn.

Repeat row 3 for 40 rows or until you reach your desired height.

Row 42: Place a SC into the CH 3.  SC into the SL ST.  SC into the next CH 3.  SC into the SLST.  Repeat the sequence back across the last row.  SC in the top of the last CH 3.  Fasten off and weave in the ends.

That’s it, you are ready to block your piece.

Now proudly wear your crochet scarf or give it as a gift and bring joy to others!

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