My Five Favorite Budget Friendly Yarns

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Don’t you wish you had the money to buy all the yarn?! I know I do!

Since I  started crocheting I am always looking for sales and budget friendly yarns because spending a lot on yarn is not always an option. 

I’ve fallen in love with quite a few yarns that are pretty budget friendly but still great quality! Today, I want to share with you my five favorite budget friendly yarns!

Just a disclaimer, this list is my own personal favorites.

These yarns are not necessarily the absolute cheapest or most yardage for the money.  I made this list based on yarn quality and durability, price, and how easy it is to get.

Hobby Lobby-  I Love This Yarn- #4 worsted weight yarn $4.99/355 yards

Some might not agree with me on this one, especially since the price recently went from $3.99 to $4.99, but for me, this yarn is worth the price!

It is extremely soft, sturdy, and a dream to work with! I love to use this yarn for blankets, hats, scarves, and even garments. It’s just one of those yarns that you want to feel on your skin.

This yarn comes in tons of amazing colorways, including Stonewashed, Metallic, and Gradient colors, just to name a few! There are so many options with this yarn, which is why it made my list!

If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby you can purchase it in store, but even if you do not, you can order it online at the Hobby Lobby Website.

Loops & Threads- Charisma- #5 bulky weight yarn $4.49/109 yards

This is another one that may not seem like the most budget-friendly yarn, but I added this one because it goes on sale pretty often at Michael’s.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever paid full price for a skein of Charisma. It went on sale last year around the holidays for $1.99/skein!

And even it it is not on sale, with Michael’s coupons you can usually get some sort of discount on it.

I really enjoy Charisma yarn. It’s another really soft yarn and is what I believe to be a true #5 bulky weight yarn. It’s just slightly thicker than your thick worsted weight yarns.

This yarn is great for scarves, hats, and other accessories. I’ve even designed a sweater with this yarn! The Raleigh Tunic is made with Charisma in the gorgeous Red colorway.

You can purchase Charisma yarn at any Michael’s stores or at their website.

Lion Brand Pound of Love – #4 worsted weight yarn- $9.99-$11.69/1,020 yards

This one gets added to the list because it’s a great yarn to have when you need a lot of the same yarn. I love to get these for baby blankets.

Usually only one skein is needed to complete a full blanket. This yarn is also one that you can get on sale pretty often.

If it’s not on sale, you can use a coupon at Michael’s or Joann’s to get a discount on it.

This yarn is a nice soft, light worsted yarn. It’s not as thick as I Love This Yarn or Red Heart Soft, but I would still consider it a worsted.

I’m about to start a design with one of these huge skeins so be on the lookout for it!

You can purchase this on the Lion Brand website or in store at Michael’s, Joann’s, and I believe Walmart. This may even be available at other stores I don’t know about!

Red Heart Soft- #4 worsted weight yarn- $5.39/256 yards

One of my favorite yarns is Red Heart Soft! It’s just that- Soft! And it has a gorgeous shine to it that makes it amazing for hats and scarves and just about anything you can think of!

It is a true worsted weight yarn. I’ve made my Celtic Weave Mini Slouch, as well as the Kellie Cowl with this yarn. It’s so fun to use! It has quite a few color options also, including variegated colorways. There is also a bulky version of this yarn called Soft Essentials!

This is another yarn that you can find in a number of stores, and usually on sale pretty frequently.  I’ve seen it 2 for $5 at Michael’s a number of times this year.

Plus, as always, you can usually find a coupon to use on at least one skein.  You can find this yarn in store at places like Michael’s or Walmart, or purchase it directly from the Red Heart website.

Knit Picks Brava – #2 sport weight $2.49/273 yards OR #4 worsted weight $2.49/218 yards

Knit Picks Brava yarn is hands down my favorite budget- friendly yarn. You could probably argue that it’s my favorite yarn overall. I use this yarn for so many designs and crochet projects!

The price is really affordable, it’s durable, and it’s soft. I absolutely love using Knit Picks Brava for garments. It’s lightweight enough to not be too warm so I can use it for both summer and winter garments.

The only downside to this yarn, if you can even call it that, is that you can only purchase it on the Knit Picks website.

I don’t mind purchasing yarn online, but I know a lot of people like to be able to get it in stores. But since the price is so good, you could get just one or two skeins to try out and spend less than $10 for it all. To me personally, this yarn is well worth the wait to have it shipped.

More Tips for Great Prices

I would also recommend searching for coupons before you shop. Many of the big box stores have weekly coupons for you to use.

Also check for sales. Yarn goes on sale in these stores fairly often.

Also, if you are purchasing online, be sure to subscribe to the stores via email. You’ll often get notifications of sales and coupons sent right to your email.

Some will even be exclusive to subscribers. 

I hope this information has been helpful to you when you are shopping for yarn. The hobby of crochet doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Although, I make no promises you won’t get addicted to yarn shopping and buy yarn every time you get the chance! 😉  Happy shopping!

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