Ashley Leither Designs Handmade Crochet Hooks Product Review

Ashley Leither is a fellow crochet pattern designer who has some of the most amazing and adorable crochet patterns! But there’s more to her brand than just patterns! Introducing the Ashley Leither Designs Crochet Hooks! These crochet hooks are gorgeous, handmade wooden hooks made by Ashley’s husband!

Ashley sent me a handmade crochet hook to try out myself.  I was able to choose between a Boye or Bates crochet hook and I was able to choose the handle I wanted attached to it. I chose the Bolivian Rosewood handle with a Boye hook size H (5.0mm).

Details on the handle from her website– ” This handle is handmade with a Cocobolo. This wood has beautiful dark grain contrasts, creating a very unique look, no two handles are alike.”


Ashley Leither Designs Crochet Hooks


Once I received the handle I was instantly impressed. I think I expected it to be really heavy, but it isn’t. It’s super smooth and long, which I really like because I’m not a fan of short crochet hooks. The actual hook sticks out pretty far from the handle too, which is great. For the longest time I used Hobby Lobby’s Yarnology hooks for that reason. I just like the way my stitches flow on the longer style crochet hooks. So I was very excited to use this handmade hook!

Now, let’s talk about price. The Ashley Leither Designs crochet hooks range in price from $13-$16. I would consider that very affordable for a handmade crochet hook! I’ve seen other handmade hooks for double that price that weren’t as pretty or as easy to use! Honestly though, I would pay even more for Ashley’s crochet hooks because they are that great!

I’ve been using Ashley Leither Designs crochet hooks for over a month now and I’m still very impressed with them. They are very easy to crochet with and still look brand new! And I have done a lot of crocheting in the past month! Overall, I would recommend these crochet hooks to all of my crocheting friends!

Head on over to this very special link to shop:

You’ll automatically get 15% off any crochet hooks you add to your cart or you can visit her SITE and use coupon code TWOBROTHERS15 at checkout!  Enjoy!

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