Children’s Crochet Hoodie Pattern – Dutton

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*Do not leave small children unattended when wearing this sweater.

One of my most popular patterns, the Dutton Hoodie, is now available in children’s sizes! This children’s crochet hoodie pattern comes with instructions for sizes 2-16!


Pattern Details

The Children’s Dutton Hoodie is worked up in the same way as the adult sizes, from bottom to top. You’ll work in the round to start, and then split into two panels worked in rows to create the armholes. There is some seaming and sewing involved in this pattern.

The hood is worked separately and sewn onto the sweater. Sleeves and trim are added at the end. The pattern includes a link to a video on how to sew the hood to the sweater.

This children’s crochet hoodie features the Alpine Crochet Stitch. This beautiful stitch uses front post stitches and regular stitches to create a nice texture.

The Yarn

The yarn used for the children’s hoodie is the same as the adult sweater. I used WeCrochet Stroll Tweed (#1) yarn. This is a fingering weight yarn made of 65% fine superwash merino wool, 25% nylon, and 10% Donegal tweed.

It is a beautiful, rustic yarn that comes in over 20 gorgeous colorways. This yarn can be machine washed and dried.

Tips for Crocheting for Kids

Crocheting for kids can be a bit more complicated that adults, simply because they are still growing. Like all of my patterns, I use Craft Yarn Council for sizing measurements. That said, be sure to measure your child in all of the places you see measurements to determine the size you need to make. Don’t just go off of the size they typically wear.

I also recommend sizing up from the size your child is measuring. Unless you can finish crocheting an entire garment in a week, your child will likely grow some while you’re working on it. When they say kids grow overnight, they mean it. Kids just grow so fast, it’s not worth taking the chance of the sweater not fitting. Even if the finished sweater is big on them at first, it won’t be for long.

Another tip I have for crocheting for kids is to check fit often and make adjustments when needed. Just like adults, kids come in all shapes and sizes. The beauty of crocheting your own clothing is the power to make adjustments. So if your child needs more length in the sleeves, or some extra room in the tummy, be sure to make those adjustments.

My Ultimate Guide to Crocheting Garments is a great resource for learning how to make adjustments when crocheting garments. It’s free and is just 4 days packed full of info!

Stitch Tutorial:

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Children’s Dutton Hoodie crochet pattern on Ravelry and Etsy!

Or grab the kit on WeCrochet!

Be sure to check grab the book, “Crochet Makes for Men“, with the original Dutton Hoodie pattern included!

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