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Crochet Earrings with Fringe Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Fringe Earrings Free Crochet Pattern

I am so excited to have my first guest designer on the blog today! Amber of Bliss This is the queen of crochet earrings! She designs beautiful, delicate, and fashion forward crochet jewelry, garments, and accessories! For my blog, she has designed a pair of super cute, super fun earrings! I just LOVE the fringe on them! Which is why she named them the Michelle Loves Fringe Earrings! Too cute, right?! Read ahead to learn about the earrings in her own words and to make them yourself! 

Amber has been crocheting since she was 8 years old. At 11, her grandma taught her to read patterns and make doilies. She hasn’t put her hook down since. Recently, she discovered a passion for creating crocheted garments, but she will never lose her obsession for designing crocheted earrings.  When she isn’t crocheting, she is caring for her two children (ages 9 and 6), hanging out with her husband (usually watching Netflix or devouring some spectacular dinner he’s created), drinking enormous amounts of coffee, and teaching English as a Second Language to international university students in the Portland, Oregon.

Michelle Loves Fringe Earrings Free Crochet Pattern

When I started brainstorming ideas for an earring pattern for the Two Brothers Blankets Blog, I really wanted something that would appeal to the makers that love Michelle’s garments, accessories and STYLE. I knew I couldn’t design something with a 1.5mm hook and size 20 crochet thread. I love it, but not everyone is a fan of constant hand cramps and finger blisters from the tiny metal hooks!

So, as I talked to Michelle, and we both know how WILDLY popular fringe is, we settled on the idea of a pair of earrings with fringe. I began playing around with some of my left over yarn, and TA-DA, the Michelle Loves Fringe Earrings were born! The great thing about these earrings is that you only need about 10 yards, and you can use the leftovers from your TBBs garments to make MATCHING EARRINGS! These are simple, trendy, and all your friends are going to be lining up for pairs. Use up all those scraps, and be sure to post lots of photos so everyone can see how great you look!


Up to 10 yards of any scrap yarn

0mm -3.0mm hook, depending on yarn

Needle for weaving in ends

2 ½” square of cardboard

Small-toothed comb

2 fish hook ear-wires

Flat-nosed jewelry pliers


Pattern Notes

All directions are written in American Crochet Terms.

Gauge is not essential for this project, but tight stitches will result in an earring that holds its shape better.

Any fiber may be used but you may want to check how the plies separate by giving them a “comb” before

This pattern can be worked in any size crochet thread and appropriate hook. Experiment with different size thread/yarn and hooks to achieve smaller or larger earrings.

Stitch Key

ch = chain stitch

ehdc = extended half double crochet

sl st = slip stitch

st(s) = stitch(es)

Special Stitches

Ehdc: Yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull up loop, yarn over, pull through 1. Yarn over, pull through all 3.

Crochet Earrings Pattern: Make 2

Row 1: Magic Circle. Ch 2, 20 ehdc into magic circle. Place stitch markers in the Back loop of the 7th and 14th ehdc sts. Ch 4. Tighten magic loop.

Row 2: Sl st between the ch-2 and first ehdc from row 1. Sl st between each ehdc stitch around. Sl st into the ch-4 space and tie off.

Tie off. Weave in ends.



Wrap yarn around a 2 ½” square of cardboard 32 times. You will need 16 pieces of fringe for each earring. Insert your hook from back to front of each back loop from stitch 7 to 14 and loop 2 pieces of fringe through. Using a fine-toothed comb, separate the strands of yarn and trim the fringe to desired length.



Open the loops on the ear-wires with your flat-nosed pliers. Slip the ch-4 space into the earring loop. Close the ear-wire loop with the flat-nosed pliers.

Your earrings are done! Enjoy!


This pattern is a copyright of Bliss This Crochet. Please do not share, sell, or alter in any way. You may sell your finished items that you make with this pattern, but please credit Bliss This Crochet as the designer. Thank you for your continued support. 

You can purchase the ad-free, printable pdf version of this pattern on Ravelry!

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