Friday Top Five!

Each week I like to look on Ravelry and see which of my patterns are being downloaded and sold the most! I’ve decided to create a segment here on my blog to share with your my Top 5 patterns of the week AND give you a little bit of a discount on them! Keep reading for details!

So my top 5 for the week of October 16- October 21st are:

#5 Katie Cardi

Still a huge fan favorite, the Katie Cardi is perfect for any season since the length and sleeve length is adjustable!

Kati Cardi Logo

#4 Beachy Babe Halter Top

I think we are all still trying to hold on to summer with this one! A super easy and fun workup with 3 length options!


#3 Katie Tote

Did you know this is my first ever bag design?! I love mine! Especially the beads!


#2 Siesta Sweater

One of my newest designs, the Siesta Sweater is a crowd pleaser! A simple workup with an amazing result!


#1 The Happy Herringbone Chevron Blanket

This pattern was released this week and is FREE! The color possibilities are endless!


Click the titles of any of these patterns to be taken directly to the Ravelry listing. Use code FridayTop5 at checkout to receive 30% off any of them! (Excludes the Happy Herringbone Chevron blanket since it is already free.)



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