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Crochet Sweater Pattern – Springtime Sweater

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Woman wearing a pink crochet sweater, called the Springtime Sweater.

The Springtime Sweater crochet pattern is a fun, lightweight, sweater that is great for the end of winter and the transition into spring!

Pattern Inspiration

I wanted to create a very simple and basic crochet sweater pattern that could be warn as the weather starts to warm up for spring!

The yarn I chose to use is a DK (#3) weight so that it wouldn’t be too warm when being warn. I went with 3/4 sleeves and just one simple stitch to give it a nice basic look.

Pattern Details

This crochet sweater pattern has 3/4 sleeves and a simple trim to give it a super classy look! This pattern comes in children’s sizes 2-10 and adult sizes XS-2X.

It is worked from the bottom up, with sleeves added at the end. There is just a tiny bit of seaming done at the shoulders.

Woman wearing a pink crochet sweater, called the Springtime Sweater.

I used Baby Bee Sweet Delight yarn from Hobby Lobby. It is a DK (#3) weight yarn that I really enjoy using.

I’ve used it before in designs like the Katie Cardi and the Derby Duster Vest. It’s soft and comfortable against my skin.

This yarn also has a really nice drape, even before blocking. It’s a 60% acrylic, 40% polyamide blend.

Sweet Delight comes in a huge variety of colors including neutrals, pastels, and brights.

The Springtime Sweater uses the extended single crochet stitch. You can find a video tutorial I made for this stitch HERE.

This is a really easy stitch and it gives your rounds a little bit more height than the basic single crochet stitch.

Flat lay photo of a pink crochet sweater, called the Springtime Sweater.

Plus the added height gives it a nice stretch as well. I love this stitch and have used it in a few of my previous designs such as the Parker Baseball Tee and the KJ Hat.

More Spring Sweater Patterns

Primrose Blouse– a lovely short sleeved baby doll style top with a gorgeous combination of stitches.

Siesta Sweater – another 3/4 sleeves top with fun contrasting colors!

Tea Time Tee – a basic tee shirt with lacy detailing on the back!

Where to Purchase

You can purchase this crochet pattern on Ravelry and Etsy!

Want to try before you buy? Check out my growing list of Free Crochet Patterns!

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