Superwash Wool- Swish DK – Yarn Review

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A special thanks to WeCrochet for providing this yarn!

Photo of 5 different skeins, all different colors, of Swish DK yarn.

I have recently used Swish DK for two projects and want to share my honest thoughts about it.

Yarn Specs

Swish DK is a DK (#3) weight yarn.

It is 100% Superwash Merino Wool. It comes in a skein of 123 yards. It has 42 color options.

This yarn can be machine washed and dried. The website says to machine wash on cold and to tumble dry low. It says for best results to turn the item inside out and wash on cold in the delicate cycle.

The price point for this yarn is $5.99 per skein.

Two skeins of Swish Dk yarn on a wooden tray with a cup of coffee next to them.

Initial Thoughts

This yarn is really soft. I mean REALLY soft. It is very easy to crochet with! There’s no splitting or snagging with my crochet hook and it feels lovely.

I don’t love that the price point is $5.99 each for just 123 yards. I wish there was a bit more yardage per skein. But this is a superwash merino wool so I don’t expect it to be any lower a price than that.

A photo of a crocheted circular yoke made with Swish DK yarn in 5 colors. A crochet hook, measuring tape, and succulent are laid out next to the project.

Washing the Yarn

So I washed my Vinnie Sweater, which is made with 5 different colors of Swish DK. I was a bit nervous about the colors bleeding onto each other or other items, so I washed it in the machine alone.

I washed it exactly as instructed. When I pulled it out of the washing machine I saw that the sweater had grown quite a bit. It was much longer than the original measurements! I was a little worried at this point.

But I threw it in the dryer and set it on low for 20 minutes. It was still a bit wet at 20 minutes so I set it for another 20 minutes. I check on it at about 8 minutes left to go and it was pretty much dry. And much to my surprise it shrunk back to just a bit shorter than the original length.

So I’ve gathered that this is something you’ve really got to keep an eye on and watch when washing and drying. If I would have kept the dryer running it may have shrunk even more. But at the same time I needed it to shrink up after washing because it had grown so much! The width measurement seemed to stay the same though, which I found very interesting.

Woman wearing a crochet sweater, made with Swish DK yarn.

Overall Rating

Overall, this is one of my favorite yarns! It is so soft and a true dream to work with! There are so many colors to choose from too! It is great for garments and very comfortable to wear.

I rate Swish DK yarn a 10 out of 10! I highly recommend you give it a try!

A photo of many skeins of gray Swish DK yarn, along with a yoke made with this yarn and a wooden crochet hook.

Projects for this Yarn

Here are some great projects made in Swish DK yarn or that would be lovely in this yarn!

Vinnie Sweater

Aspen Cardigan

Tuscan Sun Tunic

Tuscan Sun Cowl

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