Free Crochet Blanket Pattern- Dude Blanket

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Crochet Blanket made in 3 colors, called the Dude Blanket.

The Dude crochet blanket is simple, durable, and not too frilly,  just like most guys like things.

This is one of those projects that is mindless and easy to work on when watching TV or chatting with friends. You and the special “dude” in your life will love it!

This crochet blanket is great for guys and girls alike! Don’t let the name fool you! 

The Dude Blanket can be made in any color combination you like or make it solid!

Crochet Blanket in blue, green, and silver.

Pattern Inspiration

I designed the Dude Hat and Scarf set to begin and knew I wanted to create a Dude collection of patterns. A blanket was something I knew that I wanted in the collection!

This blanket started out as a design for the collection, but my oldest son ended up taking claim of it and still uses it every day! He absolutely loves it! My youngest son recently requested one, which is the one in the photos!

Boy with a large crochet blanket draped over him on the couch.

Pattern Details

This crochet blanket is made with worsted weight (#4) yarn. I used one of my favorite worsted acrylic yarns, Brava Worsted from WeCrochet. My son chose the colors Denim, Tidepool, and Silver for his blanket! I really like how these colors look together!

Brava Sport is 100% premium acrylic and can be machine washed and dried. It is also very soft and comfortable. I love to find an easy yarn for blankets that I gift, so the recipient doesn’t have to put a lot of thought into the care of the gift.

Crochet blanket draped over a couch.

The pattern is rated Easy in pattern difficulty. It uses a combo of half double crochet stitches for the entire project. The pattern is worked in rows with a very simple repeat. You can create the color changes however you prefer, or just make it in one solid color.

Dude Blanket Crochet Pattern

Upgrade to the ad-free printable pdf and get the stitch count, row count, and yardage for 4 more blanket sizes: Baby, Lapghan, Medium Throw, and Large Throw!

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry and Etsy!


2604-2651 yards worsted weight yarn

Shown here: WeCrochet Brava Worsted in Denim (28427), Tidepool (28453), and Silver (28450)

I (5.5mm) crochet hook or hook to obtain gauge


Measuring tape

Tapestry needle




15 sts within the pattern x 10 rows = 4”


48″ x 60″

Pattern Notes

Starting chain does not count as first stitch, unless stated otherwise within the pattern.

Color changes in sample are: 10 rows with first color, 5 rows with second color, 10 rows with third color, 5 rows with second color, and repeat. You can customize this in any way you prefer.

For this size I used 5 balls each of the Denim and Tidepool, and 4 balls of the Silver. To make a bigger size add 1 ball per color per size.

You can change the size of the blanket by working the starting chain in a multiple of 2 + 1.

Stitches Needed & Abbreviations

ch(s)- chain(s)

st(s)- stitch(es)

hdc- half double crochet

blo- back loop only

*- repeat from


Ch 181

Row 1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook and across. (180)

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, 1 hdc in blo of first st, 1 hdc in both loops of next st, *1 hdc in blo of next st, 1 hdc in both loops of next st*, repeat from * across. (180)

Rows 3- 150: repeat row 2.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Optional Trim

Join yarn to 1st st.

Single crochet evenly around the entire blanket, join to 1st st. (Stitch count will vary)

This pattern is a copyright of Two Brothers Blankets. Please do not copy, share, sell, or alter in any way. You may use the pattern to sell finished items but please link back to this post for pattern credit.

If you love the stitch combo of this blanket check out the Dude Pullover Sweater

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Easy crochet blanket pattern

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  1. Thank You So Much for making this available to me!!! I just love it and wanted to make matching ones for my son and grandson, yet different colors.?

    1. I think this is the perfect blanket pattern that I have been looking for, I want to crochet blankets for donation. I will be using Caron One Pound to crochet this because it’s what I have. Do I need written permission or anything to donate blankets from this pattern?

      Please let me know,
      Crystal Lowery

  2. Thank you for sharing this pattern with us here.I’m already staryed on it this evening.So glad to of found a pattern for the guys /boys in our live’s.This one will be for my oldest grandson’s birthday. Hope to see more patterns for our guys, Thank you again!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a nice looking non complicated pattern–the style is perfect for males–I will make one for my grandson for christmas–he is 16

  4. Just curious which colors you used exactly. My son loves them! Thank you so much for the pattern! Easy to remember, and I love the texture it gives. TIA

  5. Thank you so much for making the Dude Blanket available for free. I so VERY much appreciate you having a size for a “dude” as I have a few men I really wanted to make a blanket/throw for this year but just could not settle on a size to make………. I truly love the lookes of this pattern and am very excited to start making one for my husband. Sarah

  6. Love this blanket!! My grandsons requested it!! What colors did you use? Is the dark one dark blue or black? Thanks! I love your patterns!

  7. I’m just starting to actually follow a pattern. To make sure I’m doing it right, do all the BLO stitches line up, or will they alternate with the regular half doubles?

  8. I am making this for my son-in-law who is in a wheelchair. I loved this when I saw it, showed it to him and he wants one.
    I would like to put a border on this. Do you have a pattern I could use for this?

    1. I don’t have a pattern, but my favorite simple go-to border in a couple rounds of sc in the back loop only. Looks very nice.

    1. There are not any single crochet stitches along the side of the blanket. You could add a trim with sc if you prefer, but there are not instructions for it.

  9. Love this pattern. Can you tell me which color you used as the “main” color and is that the color you started with?

  10. Just starting blanket for college bound grandson. I only want to use 2 school colors. (Royal blue and gold) Any suggestions for a pattern.?

  11. I have made one blanket for my God son and love this pattern. It has been a couple years since I made it and I used yarn I had on hand. This time I am buying the yarn I need. I see you recommend 5 of the main color and 4 each of the other 2 colors. Is that because you end on the first color used and you just need a bit more of the one color?

    1. Yes. This pattern is getting updated so I’ll soon have more specific yardage amounts for each color.

  12. Could you explain what this means? “working the starting chain in a multiple of 2 + 1”
    thank you

    1. Sure! So basically your starting chain needs to be in a multiple of 2, and then once you get to the width you want, add one more chain. So for example, I could chain 40, then add 1, for a total of 41 starting chains.

  13. How do you make the color transitions with clean edges between the colors? I find that when changing to the next color it’s not a solid line between them.

    1. I usually work my color change into the last stitch of the row. And I don’t crochet over my ends, but weave them in. It helps the change look a lot cleaner.

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