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Fall Crochet Hat Pattern- Appleton Hat

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Woman wearing a taupe colored crochet hat, called the Appleton Hat.

I just love a good brimmed hat and a fun faux fur pom! The Appleton Hat is exactly that! It’s a quick and easy workup featuring a fun stitch combo! This hat is perfect for gifting or to sell! It’s trendy but warm! You can’t go wrong!

Pattern Inspiration

This crochet hat pattern design was one of those designs that came to be from just playing around with different stitches and combinations.

I was making some swatches and decided I wanted to create a hat with this particular stitch combo.

I made this a toque style hat with a ribbed brim and a faux fur pom.

The crochet hat pattern that I came up with is exactly what I was envisioning! It is cute and modern and perfect for fall!

Photo of a taupe colored crochet hat, called the Appleton Hat, with a cake of yarn and crochet hook next to it.

Pattern Details

The Appleton Hat is made with worsted (#4) weight yarn. I used Knit Picks Brava Worsted to make my sample hat.

Brava Worsted is an acrylic yarn that is both soft and sturdy. It comes in a huge variety of colors, and is very affordable, at just $2.49 a skein. It’s one of my main go-to yarns!

You’ll only need one skein of Brava Worsted for this crochet hat pattern, even if you’re making the largest size. Unless, of course, you choose to make it more than one color. Choose your favorite color combo and make it your own! I love to see how others interpret my designs!

You’ll find this pattern is rated easy on the difficulty scale.

It comes with instructions for sizes Toddler, Child, and Adult.

It is a bottom up workup, with the brim created first. Then, you’ll work the body of the hat and decrease stitches at the top to close.

A pom is optional, but I think it adds a really nice look to this toque style hat.

Also, the stitch combo is fun and quick to do. You’ll be able to make this hat in a short amount of time.

Photo of a taupe colored crochet hat, called the Appleton Hat, with a cake of yarn and crochet hook next to it.

Where to Purchase

You can find this pattern on Ravelry and Etsy!

Want to try before you buy? Check out my growing list of Free Crochet Patterns!

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Fall Crochet Hat Pattern - Appleton Hat

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