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How I Tripled my Etsy Sales in 3 Months!

This post- How I Tripled my Etsy Sales in 3 Months!-  contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase from the links below, I will get a small percentage of the sales at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support! 

How I tripled my Etsy Sales in Just 3 months!

I have tripled my Etsy sales in 3 months, thanks to one big factor in my business! I am going to share with you all about this factor, but first I must tell you the back story!

How it all Started

In 2014 I started designing and writing crochet patterns. Before I had only been selling finished projects, but I found designing to be my true passion and it really took off for me!

I grew in both following and income from 2014 to 2017, not really marketing other than on Facebook and listing my patterns on Etsy and Ravelry.

Being brand new to running a business, I really didn’t know anything about marketing or anything. I just kept designing and putting out patterns, and that worked for me.

Everything Changed

Well, in 2018 the Facebook algorithms really changed. Suddenly, my reach was so much lower than it used to be.

People were not seeing my posts and my sales were showing it! My income took a huge dip the first half of the year.

It was so frustrating! I knew I had to change my strategy and fast if I wanted to be able to pay the bills and start growing again!

So I spent money on courses, listened to podcasts, and spent countless hours working on updating my Esty listings, starting a blog, and trying to get found!

To Quit or Not to Quit…

My sales stayed pretty steady for the remainder of the year. I wasn’t losing income, like at first, but I wasn’t growing any either.

In January of 2019, I had a decision to make. I either needed to figure out how to grow, or quit.

That is when a friend told me about Pam Grice and the Crochetpreneur Business Academy!

I loved the idea of a business academy for my line of work! There are SO many business courses and academies, but most are very broad.

This course and academy was specific to people who run a crochet business.

When I found out how affordable the monthly membership was, and that there was no contract or long term commitment, I was sold!

I had already spent hundreds of dollars on training and courses that did very little for my business. This felt almost risk free because if it didn’t work, I could leave at any time!


Once I joined the academy I was added to a Facebook group with other members and was given access to a number of informational modules that included video tutorials and written instructions, made by Pam herself.

The modules covered things like blogging, designing, marketing, and business strategies! The modules alone are worth the amount I pay for the membership!

But then there is the part that I find priceless and worth it all. The community!

The group of men and women who are working towards the same goal I am. They are willing to help and offer ideas. Willing to share your work and collaborate, to grow our audience together. They are kind and helpful.

Then there’s Pam. Pam is an experienced counselor and business owner who has grown her own crochet business from the bottom up.

She shares all of her knowledge with others instead of keeping it to herself!

Pam is supportive, available, and so helpful! She does a monthly Q&A call for use to ask her questions. You can even schedule a one on one meeting with her for individual help!

Back to My Etsy Sales

So, back to my Etsy sales! I joined the Academy in April, and I used the modules and wealth of information and support and applied it to my business.

Over the summer I have changed my strategies, worked on marketing, and optimized my listings.

I am proud to say that in just 3 months my Etsy sales have tripled!

In July 2019 I made more sales than I ever have in any previous month! And July is typically a slow month for sales!

Plus my email list and social media following has doubled in this short amount of time! All thanks to CBA!

July numbers tripled! It’s still early in August but I’m definitely already higher in numbers than pre-CBA!

You Can Grow Your Business with CBA

Not only can you also triple your Etsy sales, but you can be a part of this amazing community of makers and crochetpreneurs!

This is not a guarantee by any means, but if you are willing to do the work I feel sure you will see good results.

Members of CBA are all trying to grow our crochet business and we are doing it together! You do not have to be a designer to join!

There are many members who sell finished products and crochet accessories! If you have a handmade yarn business, this academy is for you!

Head on over to the Crochetpreneur Business Academy for more information and to get on the waiting list!

Crochetprenuer Business Academy

For more information on running a crochet business, check out my Five Tips for Growing a Crochet Business!


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