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Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern- Dallas Scarf

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The Dallas Scarf crochet pattern is a beautiful long scarf that you can wear alone or with the matching Dallas Hat!

Woman wearing a red crochet infinity scarf with buttons, called the Dallas Scarf.

Pattern Inspiration

I first made the Dallas Hat, which can be worn as a slouch hat or a beanie. After that, I was getting requests for a matching scarf!

So I used the same beautiful tulip crochet stitch to create this matching long infinity scarf.

It is still one of my favorite patterns to use for gifting because no sizing is needed. You never have to worry about a scarf fitting!  I’ve gifted this to so many teachers and friends and they have all loved it!

It would also make a great project for selling at markets, craft fairs, or your Etsy shop!

Cream colored crochet infinity scarf with buttons, called the Dallas Scarf.

Pattern Details

The Dallas Scarf can be made using any worsted weight (#4) yarn, but I love to use Lion Brand Heartland.

Heartland yarn is a soft yarn with a beautiful shine to it. Nearly all of the colors have a heathered look to it, making it very unique.

It is made with 100% acrylic. Also, there are some tweed options and those are made with 94% acrylic and 6% rayon.

This pattern is rated Easy in difficulty level. It is a very simple workup with a repetitive stitch combo that is easy to memorize.

You will find the instructions for the stitch combination in the pattern. It uses just the very basic stitch combinations to create it. Also, you will only be working in rows and don’t have to worry about joining! 

This crochet infinity scarf is easily customizable to be as long as you want. I like to make my scarves the length in inches of the person I’m making it for.

If I don’t know, I usually use my own height. So I make a 63″ scarf. This makes it long enough to wrap around my neck twice comfortably.

Get 4 of your favorite 1″ buttons to add to the end and make it an infinity scarf! I like to purchase the wooden ones from Michaels (linked above) because it just gives it an elegant touch. However, any 1″ buttons will work.

Woman wearing red crochet infinity scarf called the Dallas Scarf.

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Where to Buy

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy! Don’t forget to grab the matching Dallas Hat pattern too!

Want to try before you buy? Check out my growing list of Free Crochet Patterns!

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Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

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