Transitional Wearables Crochet Blog Hop: 14 Crochet Patterns

Please note: Unfortunately this event has ended. Feel free to take a look at the designer’s websites, though, and check out all they have to offer! Many of the patterns below are free on their blog!

Summer is coming to an end and the weather will begin cooling as we head in to fall! Some days it’s too warm to wear a sweater, and some days you just need an added layer to cut through the chill. This blog hop is filled with transitional crochet wearables that are perfect for the changing weather! From layering wraps and cowls, to vests and cardigans! You’ll love these gorgeous transitional crochet patterns!

Transitional Wearables Crochet Blog Hop

How does it work?

If you’ve never participated in a blog hop before, no worries! It’s quite simple! You can think of it as a virtual scavenger hunt, where you will find new designers to follow and get free patterns while you’re at it! You’ll “hop” to each designers blog to get the free pattern details. By doing this you help the designers grow their business, all while receiving a free crochet pattern for it!

Here’s how it works:

  1. I will post each day, in this roundup post, the new featured pattern for the day. That pattern will be free for 24 hours. From 8am EST to 8am EST the next day.
  2. You will come to this roundup post and scroll down to the days featured pattern. There, you will get instructions on how to get the free pattern download. Sometimes it will be a coupon code for Ravelry, and other times it will be an easy direct download.
  3. Then, you will click the link that will take you to the designer’s website, where you will either get the link to Ravelry or download the pattern right from their site.
  4. From there you will download the pattern to your device or library for free!

What if you miss a day?

I know how busy life is and remembering to come back every day to download the new pattern can be hard. So the best way to avoid missing the freebie for that day is to go ahead and grab the bundle with all 14 patterns included!

I will also be posting each day in my Facebook group, so be sure to join it!

Meet the Designers!

The following designers have all graciously included a pattern in the blog hop and bundle! Please check out their sites and give them a follow!

Two Brothers Blankets

Fosbas Designs

Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Ned & Mimi

HanJan Crochet

Me N My Hook

Itchin’ for Some Stitchin’

Crochets by Trista

Ambassador Crochet

Blue Star Crochet

Madame Stitch

Bliss This by Amber

Daily Patterns

** Link and code/direct download info will be BELOW photo for each day.

Day 1(8/8/22): Camellia Shardi by Two Brothers Blankets

Pattern Link:

Code has expired.

Day 2 (8/9/22): Diaphanous Cowl by Fosbas Designs

Pattern Link:

No Code Needed – direct download

Day 3: Misty Days Sweater by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Pattern Link:

Code has expired.

Day 4: Autumn Meadow Shawl by Ned & Mimi

Pattern Link:

No Code Needed – direct download

Day 5: X-Capade Poncho by Creations by Courtney

Pattern Link:


Day 6: Picante Wrap by HanJan Crochet

Pattern Link:

No code needed – direct download

Day 7: Blooming Cowl by Me N My Hook

Pattern Link:


Day 8: Cozy Fireside Wrap by Itchin’ for Some Stitchin’

Pattern link:

No code needed – direct download

Day 9: Cozy Cool Weather Wrap by Crochets by Trista

Pattern link:

Code: Michelle

Day 10: Sundown Angled Wrap by Ambassador Crochet

Pattern link:


Day 11: Working Girl Cardigan by Blue Star Crochet

Pattern link:

No Code Needed- Direct Download

Day 12: Cordelia Bandana Cowl by Madame Stitch

Pattern link:

Coupon Code: CORDELIA22

Day 13: Barbarelli Cardi by Bliss This

Pattern link:


Day 14: Rory Sleeveless Sweater by Two Brothers Blankets

Pattern link:


Thank you so much for participating in my first every crochet blog hop! The Transitional Wearables Blog Hop was a huge success because of you and your support!

If you missed any of the patterns, you can still grab the Transitional Wearables Crochet Pattern Bundle! It includes lifetime access to all 14 patterns for just $15! This bundle will go away for every on 8/22/22, so grab yours now!

Stay up to date with new events and patterns from Two Brothers Blankets by subscribing to my email list below!


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  1. Hi,
    I cant download the camellia Shardi using the code.Am australian and I received email Tuesday 9/8 sunflower cottage today to download it and find your date is yesterday even though its showing day one is gone and should be Day2 showing now so our time zone is out greatly .Thanks Desiree

    1. The code is still active currently for the Camellia pattern. Everything will be active by 8am EST so if you can convert that to your time that’s when to come back for the next day’s pattern.

  2. Neither the code for Ravelry, FALL22, nor the download for the Fosbas site allowed me to access the novel pattern. Please advise
    BTW, thabks fir the crochet along 😀

    1. The code FALL22 is only for Day 1. The direct download for day 2 is working. You’ll need to scroll down the direct link to the download button, then scroll down from the page that opens up and click the download button again and it will download directly to your device.

  3. The button for Day 2 on designer’s blog is not opening the file. I did test to make sure it was not my wifi error by opening other patterns and they worked perfectly
    Please advise as to how to proceed to get the pattern
    Thank you

    1. Hi! I just tested it on my phone and computer and it worked for both. Do you have some sort of pop up blocker maybe that’s preventing it from loading?

  4. I am unable to download the free pattern for August 9th from Fosbas. Only can copy and save to a document. Ive downloded from her site before.

  5. I figured it out, this may help others using Susan’s site. The pattern downloaded automatically and it was not notice until just now.

    1. The code is for Ravelry. Go to the Download button and it should take you to the listing. From there add it to your cart and then put in the code.

  6. The X-capade Poncho is not a direct download as stated. The directions on the designer’s website say to get the code here and add it to your cart on your on Ravelry. But we are not given a code here. ??? Please help.

    1. The code is FRINGE. It is underneath the photo for day 5. Link and code will always be underneath the photo for that specific day.

      1. I don’t know how I missed it, I checked over and over and thought I looked everywhere. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi! Make sure you don’t have any sort of pop up blocker in place because most of the direct downloads will download to your device automatically. You may also want to check in your downloads folder to see if it did download and you didn’t realize it.

  7. The Working Girl Cardigan has no direct download. You go to Ravelry you have to pay. There seems to only be the free web pattern. I was hoping for a download. Please help. Thanks!!

    1. Hi! You have to scroll ALL the way down to the bottom until you see the button with leaves in the background that says Download the Free PDF on my Site Here. Then click that button and scroll again until you see the button again. Once you click it the pattern will open up right on your device.

  8. No puedo conseguirlo :(, y tan lindo como es.
    Pincho en Download the free PDF on Ravelry here y le pongo el código GRACIAS22, pero me dice que es incorrecto.
    Podrías ayudarme por favor 😀

  9. Michelle,

    Thank you so much for hosting this blog hop. I have admired many of the patterns before but not been able to acquire them at the time. So many of my favorite designers participated too!!!

  10. Thank you, Michelle, and all the other designers who contributed to this blog hop. There are some pretty awesome patterns here. Where to begin??? 🙂

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