Brimstone Beanie Crochet Pattern

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I have officially started the Fall 2018 collection and the Brimstone Beanie is the first of many fun designs I have planned! The Brimstone Beanie comes with instructions for how to make toddler sizes through adult sizes. This pattern is an easy to follow, bottom-up design that you will never get bored with because the stitch combo changes each round! 

I used the new Jeans yarn from Lion Brand Yarns to make this hat. One day while walking through the yarn isle of Michael’s this yarn jumped out at me and screamed “HAT!”. I promise that’s exactly how it happened! 😉 Of course I bought it to see what I could come up with. Once I got it home I started playing with it right away! The Brimstone Beanie is what came to be created from this yarn!

I really like the Lion Brand Jeans yarn. So much so that I have plans to design another pattern with it, this time a garment! This yarn is very soft and squishy, which is almost always a great thing for yarn. It is on the light side of worsted weight, so be sure to check your gauge accordingly when using it. It comes with 246 yards a skein so I was able to make 1.5 children’s sized hats with just one skein of it. The colors are amazing and every single one has that cool denim feel to it! I think the colors really are what make this yarn stand out! The stitch definition shows up so nicely in these colors! I plan to grab some more  to make even more Brimstone Beanies!

Overall, I am a fan of the Jeans yarn from Lion Brand Yarns! I will recommend this yarn to anyone!

Go HERE to purchase the pattern on Ravelry!

Go HERE to purchase the pattern on Etsy! 

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