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How to Crochet Ribbing Trim

How to Crochet Ribbing Trim on Sweaters and Hats

A trim on a crocheted sweater or hat can add just the right touch to give it a completed look. A ribbed trim is quite the popular choice in sewn, knitted, and crocheted projects. Today, I am going to show you how to crochet ribbing trim on sweaters and hats!

What is a ribbing trim?

A ribbing trim is a textured, vertical looking trim created by working in the back loop only of your stitches.

The length is easily adjustable by adding more stitches.

It is worked in rows, but can be worked around the entire sweater or hat.

Crochet Ribbing

Patterns with Crochet Ribbing

I use the crochet ribbing trim in many of my patterns! Check them out!

Charlotte Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Charlotte Cardigan– this is the cardigan pictured above. It’s made with bulky (#5) weight yarn and so cozy!

Magnolia Cardigan – another cardigan with ribbing trim down the side and at the bottom of the sleeves.

Bombshell Sweater– this sweater has a longer ribbing trim at the neckline to create a turtleneck style. It also has the ribbing trim at the sleeves.

Camellia Sweater – this sweater has the longer ribbing trim at the bottom of the sleeves to create a very distinct look.

Written Instructions

Now I’m going to teach you how to crochet ribbing trim to your sweaters and hats.

A few things to note, the stitch count can and will vary for different projects that you are making. However, the general steps will remain the same each time.

Also, in some cases you may have to join your yarn and at other times you will not.

Ch 9

1.Sc in 2nd ch from hook and across. (8)

2.Sl st in next 2 st of body of sweater.

3.Ch 1, turn, sc in blo of each sc. (8)

4. Ch 1, turn, sc in blo of each st across. (8)

Repeat steps 2-4 all the way around body of sweater. Join ends by working a sc into each starting ch. Fasten off.

Video Tutorial

You can also find a video tutorial of how to crochet ribbing on my YouTube Channel.

I am a left-handed crocheter, but the steps will work out exactly the same if you are right handed.

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How to Crochet Ribbing Trim on Sweaters and Hats

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  1. Love your tutorial on adding the ribbing to the bottom of a hat or cardigan. I love the pattern you are adding the ribbing to, Can you tell me what the name of the pattern is, love the stitch

    1. Hi! The pattern in the video tutorial has not been released yet. It will be released in March 2020! The cardigan in the picture is the Charlotte Cardigan.

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