10 Mistakes Crocheters Make When Crocheting Garments

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Crocheting is a constant learning experience. I have been crocheting for nearly 10 years and designing for 8 of those years, and I’m still always learning new things!

Through the years I’ve found some common mistakes that crocheters tend to make when they are crocheting garments. A lot of these mistakes are easily avoidable and by avoiding these mistakes, crocheters can have a much better crocheting experience. So let’s get right into the 10 Mistakes Crocheters Make when Crocheting Garments.

1. Not reading through the pattern or listing before they start.

This is a huge first step when starting a new crochet garment project. The listing and the pattern give you vital information needed to make the garment. Always look for gauge info, yarn weight, sizing, and ease. If this information is not in the pattern listing, it should be on the actual pattern. If it is not on the pattern, reach out to the designer to get this information.

Also, be sure to read through the pattern notes and the entire pattern to ensure you understand it and can follow it.

2. Not Checking Gauge.

Gauge is one of, if not THE, most important part of crocheting garments. Checking or not checking gauge will determine how well the garment fits in the end. While you can get away with not checking gauge for some projects, garments are not one of them. Always always check your gauge when crocheting a garment.

Yarn, crochet hook, measuring tape, and gauge swatch.

3. Not Blocking/Washing the Gauge Swatch.

This is one of the mistakes I made often when I first started crocheting garments. Not only is it important to work up a gauge swatch, but also to block it, so you can see how much the measurement changes after being blocked. Some yarns will grow when wet, and some will shrink. This is important to know when choosing the size you will be making for your project.

4. Not Measuring and Choosing Size Off Of Measurements

When choosing the size you are going to make your crochet garment in, be sure to measure your body with a soft measuring tape and then use those measurements to choose the size, rather than the size you typically wear. Be sure to also take into consideration the ease of the garment.

5. Not Using the Right Weight Yarn

I often have confused crocheters coming to me with questions about why they can’t meet gauge without going down many hook sizes, or why their crochet garments aren’t fitting. One of the first things I ask them is are they using the weight yarn that the pattern calls for. Often they are not. This will drastically change the look and fit of the garment and I do not recommend it. You don’t have to use the exact same yarn that the designer used, but be sure to at least use the same weight.

6. Not Trying On As You Go

This is a very important step in the garment making process. You should be trying your garments on as you crochet them to ensure that everything is working out as it should and it looks how you want it to look.

Woman trying on a crocheted top.

7. Not Making Adjustments to Fit

This step goes with step number 6. If you are trying the garment on as you go, you may find areas that you don’t love the fit of or that don’t look as good as you want it to. These are the areas that you can make adjustments to get a better fit. If you need it to be looser, go up a few hook sizes for that section. Or if you need more length you can add rounds/rows. Adjust the garment to fit your body the way you want it to.

8. Not Checking Your Gauge/Tension as you Crochet

It is important to check that your gauge and tension is staying consistent throughout your project. Otherwise you might get a garment that doesn’t fit. When I’m working in the round I tend to loosen up my tension quite a bit, so if I don’t keep a check on it, my garment turns out to be way too big. When you stop to try on the garment, that is a good place to also check the gauge and make sure your tension is consistent.

9. Not Blocking the Project

No, not every crochet project needs to be blocked, but it is a game changer when it comes to garments. Blocking garments gives them such a nice drape and feel. After blocking, they feel more like a true fabric than yarn. You can keep your garment from growing, and just get that nice drape, by pinning it down first and spray blocking it. Steam blocking is another great way to get a nice drape. Check out my post on How to Block Crochet Garments for more tips!

10. Not Asking Questions

The last mistake I see crocheters make when crocheting garments is they don’t ask questions. It is ok to reach out to a designer if you don’t understand something or are having a hard time with a part of the pattern. Most designers put their email address right on the patterns, so feel free to use it and ask your questions!

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Ten Mistakes You Might Be Making When Crocheting Garments

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