Katerie Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

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Katerie Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

Today I am excited to feature a new guest designer on the blog! Ashley of Through the Loop Yarn Craft is here sharing her new Katerie Cowl crochet pattern!

About the Designer

Hello, I’m Ashley designer behind Through The Loop Yarn Craft. I am so happy to have the opportunity to share the Katerie Cowl, thank you so much Michelle!

My goal at TTLYC is to design quick and modern crochet patterns so busy crocheters can make more with the time they have!

As a busy mom of seven with a full time job outside of the house I know how precious the crochet minutes can be. I love having makes that can get done quickly and aim to provide the designs anyone can have time to create!

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Pattern Details

The Katerie Cowl is designed with lots of texture and light warmth for those crisp spring days. It works up quickly with a one row repeat and is designed specifically so you can make two from one Mandala cake!

Katerie Cowl Crochet Pattern


Approx. 295 yards of #3 light weight yarn

I used Lion Brand Mandala in Pegasus

US size J/10 (6.0mm)


Yarn Needle

Yarn Substitutions: 

Any lightweight #3 yarn will be excellent for this pattern. Some good options would be:

Lion Brand Ice Cream 

Bernat Baby Sport

Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek DK


7 stitches x 3 rows HDC = 2″ x 2″

Finished Measurements:

Laid flat in half: 13″ across the top x 20″ top to bottom 

Skill Level: 



ch – Chain

sc – Single Crochet

hdc – Half Double Crochet

dc-  Double Crochet

vst- V Stitch

sl st – Slip Stitch

st(s) – Stitch(es)

sk – Skip

ch-sp – Chain Space

bet – Space between stitches

Cst – Corner Stitch


US Terminology

All CH 1 and CH 2 DO count as a stitch

**indicates repeat sequence

You can opt to continue repeat row to make larger.

Stitch counts for each repeat row are detailed in the table

Be sure to use correct corner stitch pattern as indicated. 

Special Stitch: 

V Stitch (vst): Work 1dc, ch1, 1dc in the same st or space as indicated.

Corner stitch (Cst): The corner stitch is different for the three different styles of row. The Csts will be made in the ch-sp of the previous Cst. Be mindful to use the correct Cst:

Cst for hdc rows: (hdc, ch3, hdc)

Cst for vst rows: (2dc, ch3, 2dc)

Cst for sc row: (2sc, ch1, 2sc)

Pattern Instructions: 

CH4, slst to first ch, ch1.

Row 1: 2hdc, ch3, 3hdc, in circle made with chs, ch1, turn (6 hdc).

Row 2: hdc in the same st as the ch1, hdc next 2 sts, Cst, hdc next 2 sts, 2hdc in the last st, ch1, turn (10 hdc).

Row 3:  hdc in the same st as the ch1, hdc next 4 sts, Cst, hdc next 4 sts, 2hdc in the last st, ch2, turn (14 hdc).

V Stitch rows begin.

Row 4: dc in the same st as the ch, *sk 1st st, vst in next st*, repeat 2 more times, Cst, vst in next stitch, *sk next st, vst in next*, repeat once more, sk next st, 2dc in the last st, ch2, turn (8dc, 6vst).

V Stitch repeat rows begin.

Row 5: dc in the same st as the ch, vst in ch-sp of each vst of previous row, vst bet the 2dc from the Cst of previous row, Cst, vst bet the 2dc from the Cst of previous row,  vst in each vst from previous row, sk next st, 2dc in last st, ch2, turn (8dc, 8vst).

Row 6-25: Repeat row 5, using the chart for stitch counts.

From row 6 – 26 is the same repeat. You will use the same stitch sequence in each row, and each row will add an additional 2 vsts.

Row 26: Repeat row 5, using the chart on page 2 for stitch counts. Do not turn, join to the first st of the same row with a sl st, ch1.

Row 27: Loosely sc in the first st, sc in the space before the first vst, *sc in vst, sc in the space bet the vsts*, repeat 24 more times, sc bet 2 dc, Cst, sc bet next 2 dc, sc in space before vst, *sc in vst, sc in the space bet vst*, repeat 24 more times, sc in the last st, join to first sc, finish off. (110 sc).

Weave in all ends and you’re done!

I hope you enjoy your Katerie Cowl!

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Katerie Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

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