Nèg Inkoni(/nɛɡ/ /ɛ̃.kɔ.ny/) Bag Free Crochet Pattern

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Gray crocheted backpack style bag with Haitian mask on the front. This bag is called Nèg Inkoni(/nɛɡ/ /ɛ̃.kɔ.ny/) Bag.

I am so very excited to have guest designer Elisabeth of Desamour Designs on the blog today!

About the Designer

Elisabeth is the owner, designer, and maker behind Desamour Designs. As a crochet designer, her goal is to spread the joy of creating to all crocheters through unique patterns and accessible patterns. In her spare time, you will find her on the couch binge-watching episodes of Doctor Who with her yarn and tea. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and her blog.

About the Pattern

Gray crocheted bag that features a drawstring closure, backpack straps, and a Haitian mask on the front.

Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to share this pattern reminiscent of my motherland with you but before we jump into the pattern, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Elisabeth the designer and blogger behind @desamourdesigns.  I grew up in Haiti where I had the most amazing childhood and learned to crochet.

These past couple of years I’ve been turning back to my motherland’s cultural fashion, history and the influence of other countries on her. Nèg Inkoni is Haïtian for “unknown man”.

The backpack is made using Lionbrand 24/7 yarn, which is a 100% mercerized worsted weight cotton. I highly recommend using similar yarn weight and fiber content to create your own backpack.

The  front of the bag features a wooden mask .

These types of mask are rooted deep in Haïtian culture, and Black culture in the caribbeans and Africa. Very few Haïtian homes will be without those masks depicting familiar, yet unknown faces.

Close up of bag next to a real Haitian mask.

Nèg Inkoni Bag Crochet Pattern


Nèg Inkoni is a versatile pattern. You can create the mask with any color you choose and have fun mixing and matching color to make it uniquely yours.

If your leather bag bottom has more or less holes, divide your sc to have 110 sc around.

Gauge is not necessary for this pattern. I purchased the straps, closure and leather bottom for my bag from PerfectYarns on Etsy.


The finished backpack measures approximately 12 inches tall  and 10 inches wide.

Skill level



 3 skeins of MC yarn , 1 skein of CC mercerized cotton yarn; I used 24/7 cotton by LionBrand. Scissors. 6mm/US J10 hook. 6 stitch markers. Backpack leather set; I purchased mine from Perfectyarns.

Stitch abbreviations

ch= Chain

Sc= Single Crochet

St= Stitch

Sk= Skip

MC= Main Color

CC= Contrasting Color


With bottom action of bag facing down and starting from the side, 2sc in first 24 holes, sc in next 7, 2sc in next 24 and sc in last 7. (110 sc).  


Ch 56.

R1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch1, turn. (55 sc)

R2: Sc in each sc across. Ch1, turn. (55 sc)

R3-R54: Repeat row 2. (55 sc).

 Fasten off. Leave a long tail.


Leave a long tail and Ch 56 Follow the chart below. A larger version of the graph is available for download.

Graph used to crochet the front of the backpack.

Thank you so much for making this pattern as it is near and dear to my heart. Everytime someone makes it, a piece of Haïtian culture is shared with the world.

I truly hope you liked the Nèg Inkoni Backpack! Make sure to share the FREE pattern & share your final pictures with me on social media. Tag me on Instagram: @desamourdesigns and you’re encouraged to use the hashtags #desamourdesigns  #nèginkonibackapack to share your amazing work!

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