Crochet Dress Pattern- Edgewater Sweater Dress

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The Edgewater Sweater Dress is one of my designs that makes me most proud! I really wasn’t sure I could pull off a sweater dress that would be flattering on any body type! But with this one, I truly believe it will look great on anyone! 

Woman wearing blue crochet dress called the Edgewater Sweater Dress.

Pattern Inspiration

For this design I really just wanted to create some sort of crochet sweater dress that would look good, be comfortable, and not need another dress underneath it so you couldn’t see through.

I kind of stumbled upon the stitch combo when I was doing some swatching and it turned out to be a great stitch for a garment because it provided a lot of coverage but also a lot of stretch!

I went with a bottom up workup style because I wanted to be able to easily adjust the fit in areas like the hips and then again at the waist. It worked out exactly how I wanted it to, making the fit so flattering!

Woman wearing blue crochet dress, called the Edgewater Sweater Dress.

Pattern Details

The Edgewater Sweater Dress is made with Lion Brand Jeans Yarn in the colorway Faded. I just love this yarn!

Jeans yarn is a lightweight worsted weight (#4) yarn that is very soft and has an amazing drape. 

Close up of yarn used for crochet dress with a cup of coffee next to it.

You’ll need 425-2100 yards of worsted weight (#4) yarn, depending on what size you make. 

When you purchase the pattern you’ll get two pattern downloads! One pattern for children’s sizes 2-10 and one for adult sizes XS-2X.

The workup is really quite easy. You work it from the bottom up with the cowl neck and sleeves added at the end.

Therefore, you can adjust the length any way you want. If you want a really long dress just add more to the bottom portion of the dress. If you prefer to make it into just a tunic or a sweater, just work less length. 

Woman wearing blue crochet dress, called the Edgewater Sweater Dress.

You’ll find that the pattern is rated intermediate in difficulty. The stitches used are very basic and create a great texture and stretch. You will need to be able to take measurements and try on as you go to get the best fit and look. 

Check out my Crocheting Garments post for more tips on getting a good fit and making adjustments to garments! 

Close up of the cowl neckline on the Edgewater Sweater Dress.

Stitch Tutorial:

Where to Purchase: 

You can purchase the Edgewater Sweater Dress crochet pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, and LoveCrafts!

Want to try before you buy? Check out my ever growing list of Free Crochet Patterns!

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Crochet Dress Pattern - Edgewater Sweater Dress

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  1. That dress though! So elegant and classy, yet so laid back! I will be joining the CAL!!! Thank you for the amazing patterns!

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  12. It’s beautiful dress and I would make one for each of my daughters and one for me lol. Yes I will be joining the CAL for it

  13. I think it’s cute. I want to make my granddaughters this dress, I think it would look cute on them.

  14. Planning on joining the CAL. Can’t wait. I’ve got a bunch of yarn and can’t wait to see where this project takes me. I don’t normally do clothes so this will be my first

  15. I absolutely love this design!!! Can’t wait to make a couple for my daughter and niece for Xmas!! If I get time I may make for me!! I hope to keep up with the CAL! Fingers crossed I’m able to and life doesn’t get in the way!!

  16. I can’t wait to make this for my daughter for Christmas (probably one for myself as well if we’re being honest!)

  17. I absolutely love this dress! That being said I plan to make a matching set one for me and one for one of my daughters! I am planning on making hers during the CAL ?

  18. My bday is on the 12th of November and this would be an awesome bday present for me lol going to get enough yarn together to do this CAL and am excited to make this for myself

  19. I love this cute dress and plan make one for each of my two daughters who love to wear leggings and need more tunic-length tops to wear with them! ?

  20. Stunning!!! I am just starting a new professional career, in a new city, and this would be perfect!!! Our new home is expecting over 10 feet of snow, so anything warm and cozy catches my eye!

  21. I think this is gorgeous!! I plan on making one for my feral tween… she’s 11. I’m hoping to CAL with everyone, but sometimes there’s just not enough time in a day.

  22. I love how this looks and can’t wait to make it for myself. I love your patterns and how they are perfect! Thank you for all the time and work you put into your creations!

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  29. I plan on joining the CAL and making a dress for me…
    My husband is fixing to leave for deployment but I’m hoping I can finish the dress to have family pictures taken before he leaves

  30. I love the look of this dress. I would love to wear it with leggings. I would either make it for myself, my 4 year old cousin or the 4 year old my friend watches.

  31. I’m planning on making one for my daughter and one for myself! It’ll be nice to have matching outfits that are both beautiful and comfortable!!

  32. I think it’s beautiful. I think it looks great as it is as a dress or it would look really good with a pair of leggings and I’m thinking about making it for my niece she love stuff like this big warm cozy cuddly so love it

  33. Looking forward to making this dress. I’m just stuck to size to make first. Oh well family to score one each 🙂

  34. Even though its Summer down here in South Africa, I plan on making one of these for myself, in between other projects, so when the cooler months start it should be ready to wear. I can’t wait to start.

  35. I absolutely love this dress I am going to make for myself & I will make it in the blue jean yarn.My fingers will be crossed have a wonderful weekend ❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤

  36. What a stunning dress! That would totally fit my winter wardrobe, so I would be making one for me. And there would be some yarn shopping (or Santa) in order I think. And once that’s finished my niece will get one, and my SIL and my … and … ?

  37. I’m so excited to make this for my youngest step daughter. I am looking forward to the cal as Well!!! I love this

  38. The Edgewater sweater dress is flattering and stylish. I will be making it for myself and want to join the cal. Now I have to find some yarn…

  39. I love that the dress seems to flow right over problem areas and I really like that the neckline isn’t too constricting. If I win, I would like to join the CAL.

  40. I can’t wait to make this dress for myself! I got gifted bunch of burgundy yarn for my birthday and have wanted to make a dress with it. I was just waiting for the right pattern to come along! Can’t wait to make it!!

  41. I love this dress. And I want to make one for my 7 year old granddaughter and one for myself. I have a couple of sweater dresses from Europe my sister brought home but I’d really love to make one myself.
    Thank you

  42. I have joined the CAL. I haven’t decided who I am making it for yet….I know I am running out of time. I’d like one but I’d also love to make one for a unsuspecting little girl ?

  43. I love this! I would make on for me, my niece, my friends, etc. it’s so cute and would be awesome over some cute leggings.

  44. I think that this pattern is lovely. Where I live it would definitely need a pair of leggings, but I love those boots you are rocking with it! I would make that for me (it’s hard making crochet for others, it’s a toss up whether it would get appreciated). Keep on coming up with these lovely patterns!

  45. Love the dress! Will to make one for each of my granddaughters! Totally going to join the CAL and try to keep up with the group?

  46. I love everything about this dress. I plan to make one for myself in maroon which is my school’s color. I don’t think I’ll join the CAL as I have too much going on right now but I’ll check in to see everyone’s progress.

  47. Hi Michelle. If I won I would probably make it for my daughter. The dress looks so comfortable and soft. I will be joining the CAL thanks

  48. Of course I will be crocheting along ! How could I pass this up. If I don’t goof it up. I will gift it to Sierra a secretary at the school I work in during the day. She will look great. Thanks for your wonderful creations.

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  50. I’ll be joining the CAL, the dress will be for myself. I really like the Jeans yarn and the dress is absolutely fabulous!!

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    I can’t wait for the cal to begin.
    Thank you for making this gorgeous pattern. ?

  53. Hi Michelle. I’m Michelle as well. 😉 I would love to try and make this for myself. If it turns out well, I’d make ones for my BFF and SIL.

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