Gatlinburg Hat- New Pattern Release + Wildfire Relief Fundraiser

I was designing a new  hat when I heard about the horrible wildfires that were sweeping through Gatlinburg and other parts of the Smoky Mountains. These fires were destroying homes, businesses, land, and even taking lives! I felt awful and wanted to do something to help! I’ve been naming my latest patterns after cities so I decided to continue that trend and name this pattern after the city of Gatlinburg. When I realized how bad the devastation was, I decided I had to somehow raise some money. Knowing the crochet community is an amazing, loving group of people, I decided what better way to raise money than to use the profits from this hat’s pattern sales to send!


All profits from the patterns sales from December 12-16th will go to the My People Fund created by Dolly Parton. Dolly will be using this money to provide every family who’s primary residence was destroyed with $1000 a month for 6 months to get back on their feet. For more information please visit At the end of the week I will share how much money is being donated and will send it over the weekend!

This hat is made with fair isle crochet techniques. It’s very much like tapestry crochet except you float your yarn along the back instead of working around it in your stitches. I really love this technique to create different pictures within your crochet! This pattern is a great beginner pattern for those who have never done fair isle or tapestry crochet. The pattern includes written instructions, links to video tutorials, picture tutorials and a graph!



I hope you’ll join me in this effort to raise money for those devastated by the wildfires. Some lost everything, including loved ones! My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in that area and all the firefighters and volunteers who are working to get the area back on it’s feet. I hope this fundraiser is very helpful to those in need.

You can purchase the pattern here:

Thank you for your contribution!

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