Easy Crochet Hat Pattern- Ferguson Hat

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Close up of green crochet hat, called the Ferguson Hat.

The Ferguson Hat Crochet Pattern is a super versatile, long brimmed hat.

This hat is a great unisex hat and can be made into a beanie or a slouchy hat. Be sure to check out the matching scarf!

Pattern Inspiration

My husband actually requested this hat! He liked a thick brim on a hat and wanted something slouchy too!

So I set out to create it and decided that this hat was very versatile and could be made as a beanie or a slouchy hat!

The long brim is nice because you can wear it as is or you can fold the brim over, like I did pictured here!

Woman wearing a green crochet hat with a brown pom. This hat is called the Ferguson Hat.

Pattern Details

This pattern is a bottom up workup. The brim is created first and then you work up the body of the hat. At the top you will work decreases and, with a yarn needle, cinch the top closed. 

You will need worsted weight (#4) yarn for this project. I like to use Lion Brand Heartland yarn for this project.

Heartland has 26 beautiful colors to choose from. Many of them have a gorgeous rustic look to them, making it great for this yarn.

However, any worsted weight (#4) yarn will work. Just be sure to check gauge! 

This pattern comes in sizes toddler, child, and adult. It is meant to have a bit of a loose fit, so if you’d like a tighter fit, go down a size. 

Woman wearing a green crochet hat and matching crochet scarf.

You can really get creative with this hat by the color yarn you use and how you construct the hat. The long brim looks great as is, or you can fold it up over the hat. 

Be sure to check out the matching Ferguson Scarf, which is a free pattern here on the blog!

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Ferguson Hat crochet pattern on Ravelry and Etsy

Want to try before you buy? Check out my growing list of Free Crochet Patterns!  

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